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Summary of Standard Operating Procedures COVID times

Summary of Standard Operating Procedures COVID times

  1. Patients on ringing for an appointment will be triaged to see if they have had symptoms of COVID or anyone in their household in the past 2 weeks. If symptoms start between the call and appointment they must not come. They will be advised their temperature will be taken at the beginning of the appointment.
  2. By symptoms we include high temperature/ fever, a cough, onset of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pains, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.
  3. All staff on the premises will be monitored for COVID symptoms and the same rules apply as to patients.
  4. On arrival at the practice a notice on the front door will direct patients to the garden or if bad weather to stay in their car and we will collect them from there.
  5. Patients will enter the building from the garden side through the staff room door and be taken straight into the surgery. The dental nurse will take their temperature using a forehead thermometer before entry to the building.
  6. Staff will be wearing full PPE (full gowns, FP3 masks, gloves and visors)
  7. All patients will be asked to have a peroxyl mouth wash for 1 minute and to wash their hands.
  8. The appointment will be carried out with normal standard operating procedures. Normal high level cross infection control, consent gaining, treatment options being given and proposed plans being either emailed or sent by post for the patient to consider.
  9. All surfaces the patient has come into contact with will be wiped down with suitable disinfectant including door handles.
  10. If the toilet is required patients will be escorted to it and door handles etc wiped down after.
  • Payment and further appointments will be encouraged to be made off site from patients homes via phone.
  • Reception staff will be present behind a perspex screen.
  • Patients will be escorted out of the building via the front door to ensure they do not come into contact with other patients.

Each patient should be assessed and managed on their own merit, taking into account the patient’s best interests, and the dentist’s professional judgement

AGPs – aerosol generating procedures

For all AGPs to prevent aerosol transmission operators and assistants will wear

  • disposable, fluid-repellent surgical gown (or waterproof long-sleeved protective apron)
  • gloves
  • eye protection
  • FFP3 respirator

Keeping staff safe

  1. All staff should be risk assessed on an ongoing basis to protect them and keep possible cases, household contacts, staff who should be shielded, or those at increased risk, away from work.
  2. In line with government advice, it is recommended that as part of risk assessment, dental services review resource requirements for service operations and commitments.

3.COVID-19 guidance around social distancing and good hygiene practice should be promoted as far as possible in the workplace.

Staff with symptoms of COVID-19 or who live with someone with symptoms, should stay at home as per advice for the public.

If staff become unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 while at work, they should stop work immediately and go home. Decontamination should be carried out.

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