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Private Dentistry

All our dentists and staff are local and have been with us for many years. You can get to know us properly.  You will get to see your choice of dentist every visit wherever possible and we aim for patients and staff to build a long lasting professional relationship. We have a wealth of experience and genuinely care about our patients. All our patients have Georgina’s mobile number for out of hours care.

Why would you see us Privately?

  • Continuity of care. The dentist you choose to see every visit – our staff turn-over is very low.
  • We take time with our patients and give a more personal and involved service, we see only 15 or 20 patients per day.
  • Highly experienced dentists with a commitment to providing complete, high level care of their patients. Our dentists have over 60 years of experience between them. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • The Principal Dentist’s mobile number for out of hours advice and care.
  • To be offered more choice and flexibility, but only what’s needed, what is best for the patient.
  • To benefit from investment in the latest technology and highest quality materials. Our laboratories and technicians are extremely high quality.
  • To benefit from shorter waiting times to get an appointment – appointments are available within 7 days for a dentist and emergencies seen straight away.
  • We ensure our treatment and advice is always up-to-date and based on the best guidance and evidence. Our patients are encouraged to make their own decisions regarding their teeth with comprehensive advice enabling them to make the best choices for themselves.
  • All options are discussed with prices explained accordingly including written treatment plans and estimates, payment plans can be set up.

What will it cost?

Our aim with all our patients is to enable them to look after their own teeth with minimal intervention from professional dental services. We closely follow the principal of minimal intervention dentistry and will only do work that is absolutely required. The emphasis is always on prevention and repairing teeth when needed in a way that lasts many years.

Once we have got our patients teeth to a healthy state with good preventative habits in place we would aim to see them just once a year for a dental check up and either once or twice a year for a hygienist appointment. A  patient’s risk factors for decay, gum disease and diseases of the lining of the mouth will be considered before recommending the interval between checkups.

The cost of one check up (2019)  @ £48 and one hygienist appointment @ £60 – £108 for the year.