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How we can save your teeth this year

How we can save your teeth this year

How we can save your teeth: why root treatment is a painless and predictable treatment option.

When a dental abscess develops the tooth sometimes has to be removed, but in many cases a root filling can save it. At Gwynne Dental we take a great deal of care to root treat teeth to the highest standard to maximise the chances of long term success. Mastering this highly technical procedure takes many years. Our dentists continually update their skills and equipment, auditing their work to ensure their work is continually improving and of a high standard. Ensuring your comfort during all procedures is paramount; but contrary to popular belief, root treatments are often completely painless. Using correct local anaesthetics, giving them time to work and checking they have worked before starting is key to a comfortable experience.

Although we are not specialists in root canal treatment all our dentists have a special interest in this area. We do not place a specialist price tag on our treatments however in a few circumstances we will advise a referral to a specialist.

This X-rays show before and after the root treatment. The abscess is the dark shadow at the tip of the root and the white line is the ‘filling’ within the root. The chances of this treatment ‘saving’ this front tooth in the long term are very high.

Pre-op endo Post-op endo

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