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Dental Sports Injuries


If you have knocked your front tooth out please follow this advice:

  • Pick it up by the top bit NOT the root
  • Get the patient to lick it to clean it
  • Stick it back in to the place it came out and close your teeth together (or in milk and get to a dentist within an hour)


                                                                                           Pick                –           Lick                 –           Stick


Contact your dentist immediately


This short video by dentaltrauma.co.uk is really useful if you have knocked an adult front tooth out.




Dental sports injuries, particularly in contact sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey, skateboarding as well as equestrian activities, are becoming increasingly common. Many dental emergencies are a result of oral injury from a sporting event.


Dental sports injuries can lead to tooth damage or loss, often at the front of the mouth. Ideally help should be sought from a dental professional as soon as possible to help achieve the best possible outcome for the patient following on from pick, lick, stick . Modern advances in dentistry can restore teeth to their original form or better and functioning well.


Receiving proper dental and medical care for sporting injuries is essential for a healthy recovery from trauma. Typical sports injuries requiring emergency treatment include:

  • A knocked out or avulsed tooth
  • A fractured, broken, split, chipped or cracked tooth
  • A dislodged tooth or teeth forced into the gum line and jaw
  • Oral cuts to the gums, jaws, tongue, mouth, and lips
  • Trauma to the jaw
  • Damage to orthodontic devices or tooth restorations


Dental emergencies and immediate dental care – call us on 01256 321945 or text our emergency mobile out of hours


Prevention of Dental Sports Injuries – our custom made mouthguards are precision fit, high impact and can be made in various designs including flags, quarters, stripes and in a wide variety of colours. A short impression appointment is required to make them and 1 week’s manufacture time.