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Covid Times Dentistry


The most important thing in these unprecedented times with your teeth is to keep them really clean. Plaque is bacteria that adheres to tooth surfaces and is the major cause of all harm to teeth. Without plaque you’re less likely to get a dental emergency. Keep sugary foods and drinks to meal times too.

The strongest scientific evidence on how to effectively clean your teeth shows a rotary electric toothbrush to be the best. A braun – oral B. Cleaning with interdental brushes is also highly recommended.

Emergency Care

As we write this on April 21st there is some confusion about the provision of dental care here in North Hampshire. To clarify the advice from the department of health is that practices should offer telephone triage with

  • advice
  • analgesia and
  • antimicrobials.

Patients needing active intervention should be referred to urgent treatment centres. Where these are not yet operational; by exception, we would expect to see practices using their professional judgement and acting in the patient’s best interests provided this is done safely.

Patients of Gwynne Dental with a dental emergency or issue are very welcome to ring Georgina Gwynne on her mobile for the initial ‘telephone triage’. Her number is available by ringing the main practice number.

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